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ISIA Conform Snowsport Instructor Training System

The ISIA snowsport instructor training system of the Finnish Association of Ski Instructors comprises a 3 level course structure for delivering the technical, tactical and pedagogical skills needed in alpine, cross-country and snowboard instruction.The alpine ski instructor courses are complemented by snowboarding and vice versa.

In addition to the 3 level courses, the training system includes various special skills modules, which can be arranged at various Finnish ski areas. The underlying idea behind the course structure is that the threshold for entering the level 1 course is set low enough to allow anyone interested to access the training system, while allowing individual pace of advancement and progression. 

The three basic level courses are arranged at Vuokatin Urheiluopisto, at  Lapin Urheiluopisto and at the ski area of Ruka.

Take a look at the training system chart.